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Step on your mat to
lose your thoughts and
find your soul.

Experience blissful yoga in Albuquerque with Bliss in the City. Our mobile studio brings your favorite instructors to your preferred venues, uniting the local yoga community. Join us to practice yoga, connect, and give back to local organizations. Find serenity amidst the city's energy and discover the transformative power of yoga.


Melanie and Denise have a deep passion and joy for bringing The City of Albuquerque a sense of community through the practice of yoga. Each one of them has over a decade of experience both teaching and practicing yoga while maintaining a connection at their home studio Blissful Spirits. 

Over the years they have successfully grown the studio by providing community events, fundraisers, and continuing education trainings and workshops at the studio. Together they have raised over $75,000 for local and national organizations to benefit those in need so naturally, creating Bliss In The City was a no-brainer. 

There is so much potential to bring the healing benefits of this practice to the people of Abq and they are on a mission to fulfill that need. As they begin the journey of bringing yoga to the whole city, their intention to use yoga as a way to bring people together and give back to communities is still very real and will continue on. 

Two women sitting back to back in the lotus position
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